Source Themes

Young children's moral judgments depend on the social relationship between agents

Do young children judge the same action differently, depending on the social status of the actor?

Reasoning in communication

Children use language to achieve social goals, particularly to express reasons for their beliefs and understand others' reasons for their beliefs. Although reasoning is traditionally viewed as an individual skill, recent accounts have focused on the …

Children's reasoning with peers and parents about moral dilemmas

Do young children discuss moral dilemmas differntly with their peers and their mothers?

The reasons young children give to peers when explaining their judgments of moral and conventional rules

An investigation into whether preschoolers assume moral values to be more widely shared than conventional norms.

Preschoolers use common ground in their justificatory reasoning with peers

3 & 5-year-old preschoolers adjust the information content of their arguments to the common ground they share with their peers.